#328: Deal With Your ADHDzilla Before it Becomes a Full-Grown Monster

Andrew Folts
2 min readOct 6, 2020

October 6, 2020 — Oh no, not another idea! I can be a real monster when my creative brain gets going, and the only way to stop a bad idea is before it turns into a full-grown ADHDzilla.

When I’m in a creative mood, I can be a real monster.

My ego swells to the size of a skyscraper, and I stomp around, leaving half-baked plans, unfinished projects, and crumbling relationships in my wake.

It’s hard because this is how creativity WORKS.

I have to let myself off the leash in order to come up with big, bold ideas.

But so often, the result is not what I intended.

When the dust settles, it becomes clear that I was chasing a bad idea or reinventing the wheel.

Tip: Slowzilla

I’ve tried to manage my brain with productivity systems and reminders, but it never works for long…

Trying to control creative ADHD with a to-do list is like trying to stop a freight train with a thumbtack.

The only time I have any semblance of control over my creativity is before it picks up a head of steam — when it’s just a baby ‘zilla.

When my ‘zilla says: “We could do ___!!!” I take a deep breath, slow down, and think…

Yes, we COULD do that. But we won’t. Because I am in search of BETTER destruction, not MORE destruction.”

Let’s save our rage for a city that actually needs to be terrorized. (:

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