Book Holder: The Best Stand For Hands-Free Reading

Andrew Folts
5 min readSep 27, 2022

September 27, 2022 — If you’re dealing with pain or fatigue, this is the best book holder for hands-free reading.

Hey, my name’s Andrew, and if you’re dealing with achy joints, or studying long hours, or burning through best-sellers, this is the best book holder for hands-free reading.

1. Problem

When I was growing up I loved to read, and it was easy to get lost in book anywhere, anytime, for hours on end.

But after ten years of hunching over textbooks in college and cranking out code as a web designer, I started having problems with joint pain and my whole body just felt super worn out…

…to the point where I couldn’t hold a book for more than five minutes without my fingers aching.

So I decided to buy a Kindle, which was lighter and definately helped, but my hands would still get stiff, and with my neck sore from flipping through design books and taking notes, I gradually lost motivation…

…until one day I woke up and realized…

I just didn’t want to read anymore.

GIF of Andrew Folts, taking notes, depressed.

2. Solution

The obvious solution to reading fatigue was to get some kind of book holder, so I started searching on Amazon, and what they mostly had was those reading stands that sat on your desk…

But then I found this height-adjustable rolling stand by a company called LEVO, and…yea, it seemed perfect.

Honestly, I didn’t even care about the $200 price tag at that point, because I just wanted to get back to reading without hurting all the time.

So I ordered it, but when this 28-pound box showed up at my door I had a moment of dread, like…

“Oh my god, what was I thinking?”

First Impressions

Fortunately, the setup was really simple, and right away I could see how nice it…

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