E Ink Monitor: Am I More Productive Living Without My iPad?

Andrew Folts
8 min readAug 9, 2023

August 8, 2023 — Color e ink is more relaxing, but is it good enough to replace my iPad for productivity?

Hello, my name’s Andrew, and I’ve been using a color e ink tablet called the Boox Tab Ultra C for the past two weeks.

I feel more relaxed and productive, but my iPad does a lot of things the Tab Ultra can’t and I don’t know if I can live without it, so by the end of this video I’m going to make a decision…

One of these tablets is staying on my desk, and the other is going on eBay.


Two years ago I ditched my iPhone for a minimalist phone called he Light Phone 2, and it worked so well that I ended up replacing my iMac with an e ink display called the Boox Mira Pro

…and while it was a bit awkward at first, the limitations of e ink were a small price to pay for the ten years of eyestrain, headaches, burnout, and social media addiction that literally vanished within two weeks of switching.



Andrew Folts

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