How to Boost Your Creativity in Two Minutes (Andrew’s Best Comics)

Andrew Folts
1 min readApr 18, 2022

April 18, 2022 — Five creative ideas that will change your life, formatted as simple comic guides you can read in under two minutes. Enjoy!

My Top 5 Comic Guides

  1. Reading: How to Learn More From Fewer Books (Read vs Study)
  2. Fasting: Never Eat Breakfast (If You Want to Be More Productive)
  3. Payment: Paying $100 vs $1,000 Per Hour For Life Coaching
  4. Minimalism: Three Rules I Used to Switch From Messy to Minimalist
  5. Lifestyle: Lifestyle Design: Six Questions to Help You Thrive

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Andrew Folts

Author of 365 Comics. Writer, illustrator, and barefoot runner slinging minimalist hacks for creative rebels.