Raw Vegan: How to Cure Brain Fog With a Plant-Based Diet

Andrew Folts
17 min readSep 12

September 10, 2023 — For years I struggled with brain fog until one day when I discovered the magic of raw vegan.

Hello, my name’s Andrew and this is a step-by-step guide on how to cure brain fog with a raw vegan diet.

1. Gut Healing

Last year I was in the Adirondacks when I ran into this guy who was handing out leftover pastries, which I normally would have declined being gluten-free, but I was hungry from hiking, so I was like: “screw it.”

Big mistake! Because that night I got extremely sick and couldn’t stop vomiting for three days straight.


Initially I thought about taking antibiotics, but I was already struggling with weak digestion and dropping a nuclear bomb on my gut didn’t seem like the best idea at the time.

So I just recovered naturally, but over the next few weeks I noticed that eating certain foods would trigger this freakin’ hurricane of vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, gastritis, and acid reflux.


After some research I came up with four rules that helped me heal my gut with simple lifestyle changes, but don’t worry about remembering them, because you can always take a look at the full checklist here.

  • 1. Rest: First I started getting lots of high-quality sleep and fasting until noon to give my gut more time to heal. Then I incorporated deep breathing before meals, warmed up all my food and drinks for extra energy, chewed each bite 30–40 times for easier digestion, and ate until I was full but not stuffed, so my stomach could “churn” properly, which was much more relaxing.
  • 2. Whole: Secondly, I began reading labels and researching everything I ate, and it turns out that almost all processed foods (even supposedly “healthy” ones) are extremely high in sodium, sugar, and other low-quality ingredients, so I stopped buying packaged snack food and eating out at restaurants…
Andrew Folts

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